Like most people, I am resistant to the idea of change. Not realizing like death that impermanence is the only real constant in life. From the moment of gestation we are ever-changing beings who become products of the changes that occur throughout our lifetime.

Change is the law of life.

Some of us avoid change like the plague by putting up struggles to keep things the way they are or become so undone when everything changes at once. What I’ve learned is that change will happen no matter how much you resist or try to avoid it. It may be a little easier to let the changes take place because as much as one tries to ward it off it will enter into your life just the same.

We have a fear of change because we like to control certain aspects of our lives and that need for control is what makes us fear the idea of change. The past year of my life has had some of the most monumental changes – from the physical (cutting my hair, changing my diet) to the unplanned and unexpected (changes in my relationships, my job & learning to live with depression).

Through it all I’ve come to believe that change on every scale can be beneficial. People love their comfort zones but the magic happens for most of us when we step out of bounds and let life take its course.  The positive will eventually negate the negative.

The benefits I’ve learned of change:

1.) Self-Improvement – In my life it seems as if all the bad things happen at once. What these bad changes have done are allowed me to look at my life in different perspectives and improve on the areas that give me strength and confidence. Had I not had a falling out with my former boss, I would not have fully decided to pursue my writing, something that brings me the most joy. It also makes you smarter. If things never change people will not learn anything new. You learn a skill and adapt it to your life. You experience new things and develop or reform an existing opinion. You are automatically much smarter than you were yesterday.

2.) Escape from Routine – As a working adult with a traditional 8-hour work shift, attending school with its rigid schedule and practicing effective time management life can become this mundane circadian. Change introduces surprises to the diurnal of adulthood.

3.) New Beginnings and Opportunities – Life is about growing. Closing one door and climbing through the window of a new room of excitement and fulfillment. Within those new beginnings will also see new opportunities that one can take advantage of. Like the cocooning process it change grants us the ability to  become a better model of ourselves.

4.) Flexibility – We get so caught up in resisting change that we add more stress to the situation than necessary. It’s cool to go through emotions and react to the changes of things in your life, especially if you’re attached to the moments or the happiness of a particular thing. When you experience change at a constant, you begin to realize that you need to be flexible and just go with the flow. Some hurt from change lasts a lifetime but ideally we’re a species that gets over it or learns to live with it.

5.) Limitlessness – Most importantly change reminds us that anything is possible. We often think that people who have this idea of changing the world on a large-scale are crazy. If you look at how they facilitate innovation and changing the way society functions we can become open to this idea that anything is possible. You may be stuck in a rut or feel like life is not moving at the pace you want but when we see these changes (in technology or success stories) we become more open to the idea of change and inspired by the process. Change in ourselves or others is a glimmer of hope and a reminder that nothing stays the same forever.

You can’t be afraid of change even if you lose something good, it may return when the timing is right or something better will come forth and take its place.





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