Twitter use to be fun before everyone started using “slander” and rudeness as mechanisms to be cool and cover up their own weaknesses. As I grow, it seems I tweet less or I have to unfollow and mute all the ignorance that comes across my timeline. The urge to become a demigod among people who essentially are strangers is deploring to say the least. We have men who disrespect women for giggles, women who fight to be noticed by these men and a group of “adults” who spend every waking moment picking at the flaws of the people around them as if they have no imperfection themselves. Twitter is a helm of high school ideology that follows the plot of ‘Mean Girls’.

I got caught up in that wheel a few nights ago, when I simply disagreed with a tweet that suggest everyone has had sex with someone they are ashamed of. People no longer have enough respect for themselves to gauge who is worthy enough to share their sex? Of course, there’s regret that comes with sex sometimes when you realize a certain individual did not deserve your fruits of nature. But in all honesty you should not be ashamed of that. This young man’s shame came not from that realization but from suggesting he slept with ugly women. Superficiality runs all over twitter and it’s the oddity of this logic that leads one to wonder how some individuals life in reality. Or if they even exist outside the confides of the internet.

A simple, “nah” in disagreeance and what someone called a tweef ensued.

This is the disrespect I won’t tolerate and the amount of retweets and laughs this recieved from both men and women is appalling. I wish my generation would grow up and stop using social media to fit into a world where the people who are popular and spew these fallacies, have their own self-worth issues. The semiotics of that this mean-spirited interaction that forms the weakminded people who follow suit by either making themselves appealing physically or by following the same crudeness.

Anyone who knows me, knows that the same passionate, goofy, political and musical driven person I am on twitter – is who I am  in real life. Why? Because I’m comfortable with myself and my knowledge and the qualities I possess within. The same cannot be said for these demigods – who essentially are crying for help. You know the Black men who slander Black women negating they came from the womb of a Black women? Or the ones who deem every negative characteristic as a consequence of coming from a fatherless or motherless home as if people chose to deal with that curse.

Twitter is a public forum and as we all lead different lives naturally there will be discourse. But we should all know when and who to joke with when it comes to social media. The man that ignited this tweet seemed to be angry that I disagreed with him not because he was passionate about his point but because I was the only one who didn’t laugh at his attempt for attention.

These are the issues I see everyday on twitter. It’s a overall lack of respect both for self and for others.

A woman stands up for her opinion, that opinion becomes invalid and she becomes scrutinized for her looks. While the over sexualized chick can post pictures of her assets all day without adding any real value or substance to a discussion and be praised for her attractiveness.

This is why so many people in our generation have children with people they cannot stand or respect because they put celebratory value on sex. Men think they’re the man because they can pillage through a sea of vagina and girls begin to alter who they are (whether it be through looks or voice) so that the popular guy on twitter will take notice to them. It’s a continuing cycle that has bearing in society because we’re all seeking attention in a world of imperfect beings seeking perfection.

While life can be funny, twitter looks to make everything humorous (including but not limited to rape, abandoment, poverty, death, murder, suicide and STDs) negating the seriousness of possibily tearing down someone they know nothing about.

All to entertain the strangers of your accrued followers list.

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