It’s been over a year since I’ve published anything on this blog. Within that year a the trials and tribulations of life have come and gone, if anything has kept me sane it is the ability to escape my present with just a few word jotted down from my mind onto paper (or onto this screen).

For those of you new to my writing, I tend to write freely about the tales, observations and happenings in my life. As I’ve grown and matured the writer in me has become more transparent and is climbing out of her extroverted ways. The power I hold in my pen or at the stroke of my fingertips to keys is really the only way I can verbalize what it means to travel this journey of life.

I want to take you all on through the ins-and-outs of being a manic workaholic, student, overachiever and sometimes an under-lover. Most of my writing draws inspiration from song lyrics pretinent to my mood, interactions I see as I people watch, or critically analyzing the societal shift in media culture.

I present to you my crude and often times unpolitically correct thoughts, my words, my expression of mood through culture and art and it’s circular connection to who I am as a person.

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