• You ever wonder what your life would be like if you were never taught to the rules of society? I have this issue with religion. I am a very spiritual person but sometimes I feel as though people let their faith allow for complacency instead of taking action. After researching the major religions and some smaller sects, I realize people just what to know what they are not meant to. They want some satisfaction in what to believe in for when all this is over.
  • That guy who I’m madly in love with decided it would be wise to hit me up because he misses me. Just as quickly, he was over the idea of letting me back in his life. No one ever told me love would be this exhausting.
  • I actually think Ray J’s song about Kim K is pretty catchy, others seem to think it’s disrespectful. As tasteless as it is, being a writer myself I know how easy it is for my love life to inspire many of my pieces. I could pull from a relationship I have years ago and write about it like it was yesterday. In Ray J’s case, let him sell some records with the Kardashian hype. Ye was throwing all types of shots at Amber once she was with Wiz. It’s just entertainment people.
  • I realize none of my friends like the multitude of things that I do. And that’s cool because we learn and feed off of each other. But it’s rare that I ever fit in anywhere because from my style to my interests I’m an enigma. This weekend I found people who are just like me and it was cool to fit in somewhere, label free for once.
  • I have not bought a pair of shoes in a few months. Spring is officially here time for a mini shopping spree.
  • Three Songs that I cannot seem to get enough of are Tyler, The Creator’s  “Answer”, Jesse Boykins III “Amorous” and Olafur Arnalds’ “Ljosio”.
  • On the continual quest for total inner happiness, I’ll take more time to appreciate nature and pay attention to the people around me.

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